Laudable Learning by Vim and Vibe Productions

Dramatic episodes for enterprise-wide Learning and Development that lasts.

We believe learning is retained when you feel entertained

and we're on a mission to uplift the well-being of the workforce on a global scale!

The production work we do is not custom; we create and widely distribute original, TV/movie style episodes for Leadership Development to any organization worldwide.

(Think Netflix-style episodes with the learning element and production quality of MasterClass.)
This fresh approach to microlearning inspires self-awareness and individual accountability—creating a better culture.

Bringing diversity and depth to the storytelling, the learning is led by subject matter experts and practitioners who are historically underutilized business leaders and/or veterans.

Now THIS is corporate training you can't wait to see! Enjoy the trailers, and let's get started.

Enjoy the Trailers!

A Lot Like Mike Season 1 Trailer

Teaching the skills for

Psychological Safety

Through five episodes, around five minutes each, Mike and his team will surprise you, delight you, frustrate you, and push you to look inward. Your assumptions will be challenged as you learn and experience the elements of psychological safety in the workplace. Will you feel compelled to take action?
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A Lot Like Mike Season 2 Trailer

Teaching the skills for


Through five episodes around five minutes each, you will see Monica's world folding in on her from all directions. As a leader, mother, wife and daughter, she will inspire you to practice resilience; not only for your own health and wellbeing, but also for the health of your organization.
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Teaching the skills for

Adapting Through Uncertainty

Through five episodes around five minutes each, you will witness how the humiliation and shame that shatters Sue's uncertain world become her driving forces. #unstoppable

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We believe you learn more when you feel emotionally connected to inspiring stories.

We deliver film-based, episodic Learning and Development content through our hosted library, Laudable Learning.

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